a few months ago, i wrote a post about entitlement and with a lot of wondering about when i would feel like i was 100% baby dude’s mom and… i’m not sure when it happened, or how exactly, but i think i’m there.

recently, a friend of mine was telling me about an adoption song on keb mo’s “big wide grin” album called “i am your mother too” and she warned me that it would probably make me cry.  so i waited until i had some quiet time and i listened to the song.  and i didn’t get weepy, i got irritated.

here’s the chorus:

And though you came from the womb of another,
We will care for you.
Life is your sister and Love is your brother
And I am you mother too.
I am your father too.
We are your family too.

i am your mother TOO?  TOO?!  why qualify it?  i AM your mother!

hmmm…..maybe i’ve gone a little too far with this entitlement thing?  but at least apparently some of the ditherings from that last reflective post have been resolved.


#1 Kathleen on 02.12.11 at 7:16 am

i wholeheartedly agree!

#2 sister sarah on 02.13.11 at 7:30 pm

No way am I going to say, “I’m your auntie too.” He’s so my nephew.

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